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The Importance Of Educational Technology In The Educational Process

The Importance Of Educational Technology In The Educational Process

The role of educational technology in the educational process is significant in many ways. It is evident that these technologies improve student interaction and participation in the learning process, as well as the effectiveness of teachers and teaching methodologies. During the Corona epidemic, the use of technology in distant learning made evident the significance of educational technology in the educational process.

Students and instructors now have more expertise utilizing electronic devices and applications thanks to the use of technology in education, which also facilitates more effective communication. We shall study the definition of educational technology as well as its significance to the learning process in this post.

The concept of educational technology

The use of technical tools and technologies to communicate knowledge among students, instructors, and parents is referred to as technology education. This phrase also describes the extensive usage of various technical practices and tools that have a direct bearing on education in colleges and universities.

The purpose of educational technology is to enable the use of these contemporary tools in the educational process to simplify access to and sharing of knowledge, hence creating an engaging and dynamic learning environment. Consequently, student productivity increased. In addition to creating interactive texts for social networking platforms, e-books, and rapid electronic assessments, it gives teachers these tools. It enables him to achieve efficacy in both student evaluation and teaching methodology.

Importance Of Educational Technology

an illustration that visually captures the multifaceted benefits of educational technology in modern education
The importance of educational technology in the educational process is evident in many aspects. This is what we will learn about in the following lines:

1.Provide an enjoyable and effective learning environment

Renewing and modernizing the teaching method in a positive way generates interest and motivation among students and teachers alike. This is one of the most important aspects of educational technology in the educational process. It is also useful in developing the psychological aspects of male and female students.

If a school adopts the traditional education method, then it decides to completely change the method of education , and provide some classrooms with computers and presentation screens, and display visual video clips of some educational materials. We are sure to notice, in the subsequent stage, a significant difference in the level of students and their ability to achieve academic achievement and achieve effective results.

2. Providing multiple sources of information

Educational technology offers a variety of educational tools for students of both genders who wish to supplement their knowledge and look outside of the standard curriculum. Instead of starting to write immediately on the website, this may be accomplished by visiting digital libraries and submitting book material and theses references straight to the website. It makes reading, finding information, and learning new things easier, which is a significant part of the value of instructional technology in the classroom.

3. Designing educational methods that suit the school curriculum

Participation in designing educational methods related to academic subjects is one of the most important benefits of educational technology in developing the educational process. Which is in line with what is available in modern systems, which requires various measures, including the suitability of educational methods to the content of the scientific material to be explained to students.

Taking into account the cost element in light of the available financial resources, in line with the benefit that accrues to students from using these modern educational methods. Accordingly, the feasibility of this method is measured in practice before general use.

4. Ease of monitoring and measuring students’ performance

Using modern techniques in educational technology, the teacher can create lists related to students’ performance rates. In addition to creating electronic groups to discuss with students, learn about their individual differences, and determine their academic levels.

In addition, educational technology allows the teacher to conduct quick electronic tests and publish grades. This helps monitor students’ performance and measure their academic progress through test results and GPA lists, and allows teachers the opportunity to notice individual differences among students.

5. Developing students’ reading and writing skills

Modern technologies in educational technology help develop students' reading and writing skills. Video games can teach students spelling and spelling words through entertaining educational games. Through video games, students can also be taught how to correctly pronounce scientific terms and concepts. The importance of educational technology is also evident in developing students' writing skills through typing using the keyboard. Students find writing using the keyboard more enjoyable than writing with regular pens.

6. Facilitating the educational process

The importance of educational technology is to facilitate the educational process, through the use of modern technological technologies such as video and other technologies in the learning process.

Educational technology helps the teacher simplify the access of information to students, saves the teacher’s time when conducting electronic tests and evaluation lists, and helps him be more productive. On the other hand, educational technology contributes to the success of the distance education process and makes it more advanced by giving the student the opportunity to ask questions, discuss with teachers, and get the answer at the same time.

7. Helping students with special needs to overcome obstacles to education

With the help of educational technology for students with special needs, many barriers to learning have disappeared. It has become easy to own devices or applications that help them communicate effectively with other students and teachers, solve their problems and give them the opportunity to participate more in the educational process. 

Common questions asked by others

How has technology changed education?

The use of modern technology in teaching and learning is very important for developing the educational process in schools and universities. As it increases interaction between students in terms of exchanging information and accessing it easily without the need to be in the same classroom. As has been the case in traditional classrooms for many years.

What is the importance of technology?

an illustration showcasing the integral role of technology in various facets of human life
Technology is essential in all aspects of life. Since humans use technology in almost every aspect of their daily lives. They use it for work, communications, transportation, education, manufacturing, data security, business expansion, and more.


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